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The Oakland Film Collective grew out of a love of all things Oakland and spread to the greater Bay Area. Inspired by all of the diverse, creative, quirky, interesting, weird, and beautiful things about the area we live in, we felt that there was a dire need for documentation before the apocalypse came. The people, the places, and the things are our inspiration and its our goal to discover and shine a light on all of these areas. Our membership is ever evolving, if you think you should be a member, you probably already are. There is a there there..
Have a film? We are always accepting more submissions to add to the website. If you have a short documentary you'd like to submit about Oakland (or its surrounding areas) we are always interested in seeing what you do. All submissions will be subject to our very lenient guidelines for content. If you have a video about a person, place or thing in or around the Bay Area we're interested.
Video Submission Guidelines We are using Vimeo as the host for all of the videos submitted. Vimeo has better compression quality than YouTube. If you are interested in submitting, please upload your video to Vimeo and send us a link to your video. Tips for uploading to Vimeo here . We also accept hard copy submissions of scripts, treatments or stories. Have an idea? We are looking for new ideas to document or comment on the area we live in. If you have an idea of something in your neighborhood, somebody at your work, or a cool place that you think should be more well known, drop us a line. The search is always on for the quirky, inspiring and uncharted landscapes.
Have time?, Don't have an idea? Don't have a video? It's OK,we can use your help. Whatever it is you do, you can help. Hit us up if you are interested in volunteering your time or your resources.
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